Insurance Inspection services

Most insurance companies insist that vacant properties are inspected regularly and a report completed. Here at Classic Security we provide a complete insurance inspection service, developed over the last five years, which is tailored to your exact requirements. The frequency and nature of inspections are fitted to the level of cover you require.


What our insurance inspection services cover

Our inspections cover:

  • The security of your premises (internal, external and services, such as water heaters)
  • Monitoring any potential risks to your property through fire, water and weather damage
  • Inspection of utilities usage, and to guard against power supply theft
    arranging for disposal of any fly tipping and making recommendations to prevent it recurring
  • Checking for abandoned or illegally parked vehicles, and arranging for their disposal.

How it works

In general, our insurance inspection service works like this:

  • We regularly inspect your premises, according to the frequency and requirements agreed with you
  • You receive a clear and accurate inspection report in real time, via our reporting system, the F5 Tablet
  • If any problems are found, we work with you to ensure they are addressed immediately
  • You can read or download all your reports at any time by logging in to the Client Portal.

Our reporting system: the F5 Tablet

Exclusive to Classic Security in the UK, the F5 Tablet is a robust, purpose built system that allows our inspector to record the status of a building against a pre-agreed insurance-conforming checklist.

This highlights issues that require addressing and, through a ‘traffic light system’ (Red, Amber, Green) allocates a priority to each elements. The built-in camera means we can take photographs and send these to you on the report. All reports are sent via a 3G or WiFi connection, enabling you to act immediately or instruct us on any issues that have arisen.


For More info:

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Telephone: 08445 610 578

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